Monday, April 1, 2013

Summer Rubies

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"What do you call a girl who lives 15
 minutes away from a beach but left 
her swimsuit at the mountains?"
It's called a Faye.

Every Easter Sunday, we'd close our bakery and go to the beach together with our salesladies and bakers. It's been a "tradition" (if I can call it that) ever since..well..I don't know when!

I didn't went for a swim yesterday 'cause I didn't want to tan. (I'm naturally tanned already, you know.) So I just spent half of the day wowing others with my amazing (note sarcasm here) karaoke singing skills (Filipinos represent! Woot!) and cooped up between blankets and pillows in an air-conditioned room (I can't take the heat! I'm practically melting!) playing Pou and Bakery Story and checking my Instagram every once in awhile.

For a day of couch potato-ing, I wore this super comfy cotton romper. (Bet you thought it was a dress, didn't you? At first glance, I thought it was too! I have been fooled too.)

 This flats is sooooooooooooo comfy. I can hop, skip, prance, dance, and so much more with it. This baby is from a brand of SM Shoes and Bags called Solemate.

A touch of glam never hurts and this red and gold bracelet from Avon gives the extra oomph! to the outfit.

With the sun on full power, protecting your precious peepers should be one of your priorities. I do it with style with this sunnies from Irene's Closet. They have a wide selection of gorgeous sunnies perfect for summer!

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  1. I love your romper! I gravitate towards prints like that. How I wish I can wear one at work. >.<